Are we too old for Paris/Barcelona Libertin Clubs?s ?

Erotikus Fórumok Utazás & Szórakozás Bulik és Események

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vasárnap 27 november 2022

Hi. We are traveling to Paris and Barcelona in April & May 2023. We are interested in a erotic/romantic evenings in a safe club environment. We are a healthy and fit for being in our late 50's. My wife is stunning for her age.

We want to have a fun time, yet that would be difficult if we don't fit it with the spirit of the club environment.

Any thoughts on our age or recommdations for one club over others in those cities...would be very helpful.

Thanks, Cheers, Merci, Gracias!

Edmond and Mercedes

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Hi, we are of similar age and can highly recommend a visit to Oops! In Barcelona.
Classy and very 'welcoming' crowd. Been a couple of times.
Very safe but a taxi ride away from the centre, roughly 20 mins to an elegant part of the city.
Feel free to message us.
Good Luck xx