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hétfő 18 október 2021
Can I Film You?

Hello all,

I am a Sussex-based middle-aged black man with many kinks and fetishes, but I have one in particular that might be of interest to you.

I have a Film and Photography fetish, and I love to film and photograph people. I am looking for people who love to be filmed and photographed.

I am experienced in...

Producing Video and Photo Content for Public or Private Viewing

Glamour & Nude Photography

Boudoir Film & Photography

Portrait Photography

Video Portraiture

I can do...

*Digital Video Filming and Photography*

*Single & Multiple HD Camera Shoots*

I have...

*Indoor/Outdoor Studio Lighting*

I can do...

*Slideshow/Gallery Creation*

*Sound Recording & Editing*

*Photographic Editing*

*Video Editing & Production*

If YOU are the kind of person who loves to be filmed and photographed, I would love to film and photograph YOU.

Best wishes and kind regards,

aDan xxx

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Do you travel?

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Yes I do, but UK only.