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hello from #Santorini Greece caldera
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What do you do to order this?

Couple-Games Hi, go to our website www.couple-game.com or press the button "couple-games.com" above (on the right down side of the picture).

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Anybody know how long it will take before it will be delivered within Europe?
We ordered 12-12 and the 18th it was send over to NL and that is the last status we can see on the Deutsche Post tracking page.
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We will do that for sure 🙂


Hi Stiefpat, hoe bevalt het spel? Is het ook leuk om te doen met zn tweeën?


Noobies met zijn 2en is het minder leuk, en met 4 een stuk leuker

We would like to thank you to all for pressing the button 👍 at our new Couple-Games Site 😍

For more Information you can visit:

https://www.couple-games.com/ for German /Deutsch

https://www.couple-games.com/english/ for English

https://www.couple-games.com/french/ for French

https://www.couple-games.com/italian/ for Italian

If you would like to order the game check the following link:


We wish you a very pleasant weekend with many special moments 😉

there is a spanish versión?


Not yet ? there is English, German, French and Italian.

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